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BloodAXE Vikings is the name given to the idea of a small group of people who love the history of the Dark Age and who have made that leap into trying to understand what if must have been to live life in those ancient times. Re-enactment in this day and age largely revolves around famous battles or encounters from history, however at BloodAXE we go a bit further and learn the crafts and technologies of that period.

As a hobby - re-enactment is great fun and re-enactors get to go to some wonderful historic sites to attend shows and events. If you would like to find out more about what re-enactment is all about please feel free to drop me an email or call, 



 07539 680956


We meet up once a month - on the first wednesday to play the ancient Viking game of Hneftafle at The Ole England Pub in Northampton   http://www.theoldeengland.com/ .

We practice of living history combat 3 times a month - on the first and third Sunday of each month and 1 variable Wednesday, this allows some flexibility in members attending training sessions.

We also have a well equipped Living History presentation and ongoing living history crafting skills training.  





The Saga of how BloodAXE came to be !

From a time now long past as a Bjarni Olafson was captured by a roaming Viking army and taken as their slave. Many years of toil and sweat and blood and tears went by, the Viking Army trained him as a warrior and Bjarni became one of their own kins men. The time came when the frost and snow covered the land and Bjarni set sail to raid along the shores of Ireland, through the villages and stronghold, Bjarni fiercely subdued all that was in front of him, oft times not stopping to take a mead horn nor leg of mutton to restore his strength. His famous AXE - as the legend calls it 'THE SKULLSPLITTER' would lay beside Bjarni as he slept between battles -- so engorged with blood and entrails it so became - that it could only be seen by its handle. 

Great terror and dismay swept that land before him as his savagery and  the reputation of 'THE SKULLSPLITTER'   struck people frozen with fear. 

After a long and brutal battle, Bjarni killed nine sons of the the Chieftain Horu, kicking open the doors to the Chieftains hall and dragging behind him the mangled carcass's of his son's, Bjarni swung the mighty 'SKULLSPLITTER'  to the head of the Chieftain  Horu ripping it from his shoulders, blood gushed up the the top of the hall and rained down upon all who witnessed. People ran from the hall hither and thither screaming in terror as they went ' the BloodAXE Rain's '

From that day the reputation of Bjarni and his famous axe - SKULLSPLITTER- were forged  together  and they became known as the BLOODAXE VIKING.


The idea and concept of BloodAXE Vikings, Bloodaxe Traders, and BloodAxe products are all the original concept of Bernard Nash, this can be verified by a clear and well documented audit trail. Thus as an original concept to apply the name BloodAXE VIKINGS and other associated activites related to the group and its endeavours I claim full copyright and full intellectual property, as this concept has not been influenced by any other re-enactment group, the concept come directly from my understanding of history and the character Eric Bloodaxe. Images, logo's, concepts, original ideas, remain the copyright and intellectual property of the individual who produced them. It is not the intention to represent / misinform / or demonstrate the intellectual property of other people as property of Bloodaxe Vikings. 

 Bernie Nash.